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      Health and Wellnessfitness

The Cornwell Center defines Wellness as taking responsibility for one's health and well-being by developing and maintaining healthy lifestyle practices. Our wellness programs and services are designed to educate and aid individuals in their personal pursuit of healthier, balanced living and clearly supports the mission of the Cornwell Center at Myers Park Baptist Church.

The Cornwell Center also offers effective and comprehensive wellness and weight management programs to assist individuals in meeting their goals to lead a healthier, more active lifestyle. Regular physical activity is important to maintain and/or improve one's health. Just as important, physical activity can significantly contribute to an individual's quality of life by helping to reduce stress, increase energy, and create a positive sense of well-being. Fitness, Group Exercise and Wellness, at the Cornwell Center, offer something for everyone.

Fitness Classes
Group Exercise
Live Well Cornwell and other Wellness Programs